Meiwa Sangyo
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Customer feedback nourishes our inspiration and energy.

Throughout the years since our founding, we have never questioned this belief, and we think that is what has carried us steadfastly to this auspicious moment -- the half-centenary of Meiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

During our fifty years in business, the most rewarding and encouraging experience has been seeing many satisfied faces of our customers, users of our products.

Since customer happiness remains our top priority, we are determined to surpass our previous efforts in the five decades to come, by rapidly and conscientiously meeting various needs.

To realize this principal goal, we have developed unique supply chains, allowing us to distribute our products efficiently and smoothly regardless of the customer's location.

To ensure constant provision of the best quality, our R&D activities in pursuit of the latest technologies are thorough and unceasing.

As a reliable company which is dedicated to its customers, we strive to establish unrivaled levels of safety at every stage of our operations, from development, to manufacturing and also logistics.

On the other hand, we are also an eco-solution provider for livestock farming and as such, committed to minimizing our environmental impact and constantly improving sustainability.

Nurturing our customers' prosperity through our products.

Provided this "Meiwa Spirit" vividly survives throughout our operations, successful partnership with our customers cannot fail to flourish, deepen, and extend into generations to come.

Tadashi Nagamori