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Beer-lage (Silage-Processed Spent Malt Grains)
Beer-lage is a processed feed using byproducts (spent malt grains) of maltose generation in beer, "Happoshu" (low-malt beer) and whisky production.

Reflecting Meiwa Sangyo's motto: "developing excellent animal feeds, optimally exploiting important resources", it's a popular product, which can be defined as a third category feed between fibrous and concentrate types. Beer-lage is a highly palatable feed prepared to allow the maximum possible dry matter intake (DMI) by dehydrating moisture to approx. 65%, and ensiling it for a specified period to enhance excellent fermentation quality.

Compared to other manufacturers' brewery grain products, Beer-lage features larger ground grains, which are favored by many beef cattle breeders. As a high-protein, highly fibrous feed, indispensable for cows in early and mid-breeding stages, it efficiently nurtures stomach strength and promotes rib eye and rib growth. Its vitamin A-free content facilitates the vitamin control required for marbling, making the product an ideal choice for high-quality beef production.

Dairy farming, which has traditionally involved the use of brewer's grains, can also enjoy the benefits of Beer-lage, which is considered to be the optimal TMR (total mixed rations) component.
RUMENFIBE is an innovative solution to efficient cattle breeding, launched in the market in 1992, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a medical veterinary device. It can replace the function of roughage feed, constantly providing physical stimulation to the bovine rumen throughout the animal's lifetime.

In beef cattle farming, effective nutritional control at the rapid growth stage and abundant feeding until shipping determine the meat quality, in terms of both mass as well as fat content. In other words, building a healthy and strong stomach in cows is essential.

RUMENFIBE is specially designed to settle inside the cow's rumen to continuously apply physical stimulation to the rumen interior wall. Once administered, it remains in the rumen throughout the cow's lifetime, encouraging active rumination and stomach motility, while maintaining healthy rumen papillae. RUMENFIBE is a logical choice for daily gain and meat quality improvement in beef cattle breeding.

Since its launch, RUMENFIBE has been used by many farmers throughout Japan and its accumulated sales reached 800,000 in 2010. More than 270,000 cows bred with RUMENFIBE have been shipped to date.

For detailed information, click here and download the catalog (PDF).
A mixed feed product with spent malt grains as the main ingredient.
C.A.B. (Dietary Cation Anion Balance)
A mixed feed product for cows during the non-lactation period.
D.G. Conc
A liquid type feed product with yeast culture as the main ingredient, prepared by concentrating grain whisky distillation residual liquid.
A grain whisky distillation byproduct, containing rich vitamins and linoleic acid.
Maytop 100
A soy milk byproduct containing abundant soy oligosaccharide.